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Credit Suisse
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Credit Suisse
Credit Suisse Group AG - Swiss financial conglomerate. Is a leading global financial services company, offering clients financial advice on all aspects of private banking, investment banking and asset management.

Credit Suisse Group is a world leader in providing financial services, counseling clients on all aspects of finance, around the world, around the clock.

Type - Public company
Year of construction - 1856
Location - Zurich, Switzerland
Assets - 872 810 000 000 Swiss francs (2013)
Number of employees - 46 000 (2013)
The headquarters of Credit Suisse in Paradeplatz in Zurich
Credit Suisse

The bank was founded by Alfred Escher July 5, 1856 as Schweizerische Kreditanstalt (SKA) to finance the construction of railways (Nordostbahn) and the industrialization of Switzerland.

In May 2014 at the end of the proceedings in the US Credit Suisse recognizes its responsibility to the citizens for decades in this country to facilitate tax evasion, the bank will have to pay a fine of $ 2.6 billion.


The bank has three divisions specializing in investment banking, private banking and asset management:

Investment Banking

Investment Banking provides a broad range of financial products and services, including global securities sales, trading and execution, Prime Brokerage to attract capital and services, consultancy services, and comprehensive market research investment.

Department of Global Securities provides research, sales and trading opportunities across asset classes and geographic our corporate and institutional clients, including mutual funds, pension funds, asset managers, hedge funds, insurance companies and banks.

Global Securities also offers sales, trading and research services to a broad range of global fixed income products, including global interest rates, currency and emerging markets products. Fixed Income department makes markets for government securities in developed and emerging markets, and is an active market maker in foreign currency, helping clients in transactions in all major world currencies and providing foreign exchange research and advisory services.

Merger & Acquisitions Group (M & A Group) is one of the world's leading providers of advisory services. Group assists companies of all sizes to achieve competitive advantage through strategic operations. Functions include advising corporate clients on the purchase or sale of the enterprise and its subsidiaries working with financial sponsors for the acquisition and disposition of portfolio companies, and providing companies and boards of directors of corporations with a lawyer on strategic options associated with unwanted offers and other important events and transactions.

Private Banking

Private Banking offers a wide range of banking solutions and comprehensive advice to private, corporate and institutional clients. Private Banking Division includes Wealth Management & corporate and retail banking.

Wealth Management. Complex customer needs require special care beyond traditional banking services. Wealth Management provides specialized solutions for the protection, optimization and wealth finance client. Overall market volume of about $ 40 trillion in investment assets available in 2007.

Asset Management

Asset Management offers a wide range of investment products and functions in asset classes for all investment styles. Department management of global and regional portfolios, mutual funds and other investment vehicles for governments, institutions, corporations and individuals worldwide.

Alternative Investments. Credit Suisse is one of the leaders of the world's largest alternative investments, with CHF 148.4 billion. Assets under management at September 30, 2009, and investment professionals in 12 countries. Customers have access to private equity, hedge funds, real estate, commodities and other alternative investment products.

Private Equity. There are many ways to invest private capital. One of them, take a direct stake of private companies that require additional capital for growth, and the other is the total capital investor in a private equity fund, which is then used to take bets in actively managed "portfolio" of individual companies. Private equity funds often provide financing for the acquisition leveraged in which the company acquires new team ownership mainly due to debt capital.

Hedge funds. The company offers its own hedge funds manager of the respective clients and hedge fund of funds products. Although the majority of hedge fund managers require a minimum initial investment in the amount of more than 250,000, the fund of hedge funds invest in the product portfolio of hedge funds, and may have lower minimum levels of entry. Strategy Alpha platform is a leading global hedge fund platform, with almost US $ 14 billion in managed assets of approximately 85 separate investment portfolios allocated 250 approved hedge fund managers. This platform manages more than 50 professionals located in seven offices.

Multi Asset Class Solutions (MACS) is aimed at the development and implementation of investment strategy at all levels of the distribution of asset classes for private and institutional clients. MACS offers innovative products, combining traditional investments, such as cash, bonds, stocks and non-traditional investments such as alternative investments, commodities, real estate, to best meet customer needs. MACS is able to cover and provide investments on a global, regional and local basis in connection with the experience and global network of investment professionals.
Credit Suisse

In Russia

In 1976, the bank opened a representative office in Moscow.

In 1993, on the basis of representation was created Closed Joint-Stock Company Bank Credit Suisse (Moscow). Bank Credit Suisse is the main sponsor of the Bolshoi Theatre.
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